About us

LITVAK WORLD is a private initiative, established in 2011 as a non profit "Jerusalem of the North", implementing cultural and educational projects related to the Litvaks'​ heritage. We unite those with family roots in Lithuania, who cherish their family stories, who are eager to know more about their ancestry, who enjoy discovering hidden shades of their identity.
Our vision is that people will be free of national stereotypes, curious about their cultural differences, feeling safe and peaceful with each other.
Our mission is to shed light on the hidden heritage of the Litvaks' civilisation so that everyone would benefit from enriching his personal identity, or family story, or knowledge of history, thus shaping the peaceful future.

Antanas J. Zabulis, Chair of the Board

Our aim is to unite reliable sources of information about the Litvaks' heritage in one place and with the help of modern technologies to encourage Litvaks from all over the world to communicate - among themselves and with Lithuania.

Jerrold Zoloto, President LITVAK WORLD US

Litvak World is my mission in life. I feel it is the most important thing I have ever done. Our twin goals are awareness and support. Sharing will make this work.

Anna Avidan, CEO

The lost Litvak civilisation, which was once flourishing in Lithuania and is the direct family heritage of thousands of people in the world today - how does it shape our identity and what do we know about it? Lets take these steps in exploring and cherishing the cultural heritage of our grandparents together, thus adding precious shades to our self conscience and evoking a greater interest to this heritage, so that more and more people will safeguard it in the future.

Rolandas Valiūnas, Board member

Present-day Lithuania has lost one of the most interesting facets of its identity: a manifold and spiritually rich Litvak society, which had been an inseparable part of the country for hundreds of years. It is impossible to get it all back. And our wish is at least to gather the crumbs of what has remained. “Jerusalem of the North” is a non-profit organization and one of our main goals is to revive the history of Lithuania’s Jewry in the memories of people living in Lithuania and around the world, to improve public access to museum pieces that reflect its material and spiritual heritage. Only through hard work will we recognize and embrace the sheer magnitude of the Jewish culture that once flourished in Lithuania. And, maybe, someday Vilnius will become the Jerusalem of the North again?

Ričardas Jarmalavičius, Board member

Our aim is to bring Lithuania back to Litvaks and Litvaks - to Lithuania.

Aleksandr Chernov, Board member

Julijana Leganovic

Julijana is ,,Or be‘Lita“ grant winner for the best undergraduate thesis, a master‘s degree student, focusing on the history of Vilnius and Kaunas Jewish communities in the interwar years. Besides that, she is studying Yiddish and Hebrew languages. A wonderful gain for our cultural projects

Gabija Stutaite

A truly devoted Litvak world team member, managing our documents and accounts with high accuracy, Gabija continues to stay with us voluntarily even during her maternity leave!