Watch Virtual Reality 3D reconstruction of Vilna Great Synagogue

7 May, 2018

During the conference in Vilnius earlier in September about how to commemorate the site of the destroyed Great Synagogue in Vilnius, ,,Inlusion Netfomrs” company presented the Great Vilna synagogue site in 3D virtual reality.

Watch the trailer for it here:


Right before the exciting two-day exhibition at GameOn III… The official trailer of the Great Synagogue of Vilnius in VR is out now!• • •Prieš pat jaudinančią net dviejų dienų parodą šių metų GameOn… Oficialus Didžiosios Vilniaus Sinagogos virtualioje realybėje anonsas jau čia!

Posted by Inlusion Netforms on 2017 m. rugsėjis 15 d.

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