Holocaust education seminars for the school teachers

“Holocaust through the eyes of pupils” – a seminar for the Lithuanian school teachers was held on the 5th of November 2015 . The aim of the seminar: to present the book “Smuggled in potato sacks: 50 stories of the rescued kids from the Kaunas ghetto”, discussing its perception through the children’s eyes and its application during the lessons. One of the compilers of the book and, which the most important, one of the rescued kids, Dr. Yakov Zilberg came from Israel to Lithuania to take part in the seminar and to share firsthand his story.

The presentation was followed by a discussion “How personal stories can helps pupils to feel the greatest tragedy of the 20th century and to find connection to a specific person”, moderated by Donatas Puslys  (Editor in chief of www.bernardinai.lt), visiting the exhibition “Rescued Lithuanian Jewish Child Tells About the Shoah” at the Tolerance center, a workshop “The psychological aspects of the Holocaust perception”, a discussion about telling young people the history narrative.

Every teacher got the copy of the book as a gift for his school.

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